Get your products listed with the worlds two largest distributors

Products become available and visible to over 100,000+ IT Reseller Partners sales growth
Includes catalog and content listings, Data Feeds/EDI, Warehousing and Logistics
OCD’s platform will facilitate sales of your products and stock products across multiple distribution centers
Access to distributor/reseller sales and marketing programs
Automated Reporting


The current state of the IT end-of-life fragmented and inefficient channels

OEMs, Distributors and Resellers are operating with multiple disparate ways for End-customers to source EOL and CPO products

Difficult for OEM’s to effectively manage the channel

Resellers are forced to violate OEM contracts to service end-customers that require these products

Product quality/authenticity challenges when not managed

OEM’s not maximizing profitability, also losing visibility and sales out reporting to compensate their teams

Lack of control affects street price and can effect sales of current products if not managed


Our Solution

CPO/B-stock/EOL/Refurb/Parts products

Excess inventory programs

Sell through all OCD Channels: Distribution, Ecommerce, Reseller

Protect the channel from Quality risk and profitability degradation

Give OEMs a powerful and trusted route-to-market for these products

Enhance OEM profitability and provide sales out reporting

OCD stocks and manages inventory and logistics